JUST FOLLOW THESE FOUR SIMPLE STEPS. 1) Submit your visual media To get started, please send us your visual media (film, video clip, advertisement etc.) in any of the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .swf, or .wmv. You can email it to us, or contact us via your preferred method.  Along with your visual media, please tell us about your project and let us know specifically what you are looking for, so we can decide the best way to fulfill your project needs.  References to example materials are welcome too.

  1. We are happy to compose original music, offer sound design, or perform audio post-production on your visual media. Rest assured, when our work is done, your audience will receive an authentic, professional-sounding  experience. 2) We qualify your project  We want to make sure you and your project get the attention you deserve.  That’s why we qualify every project that we receive. 

  2. The qualifying process determines if your project is a good fit for our service.  While qualifying, we may ask you for additional information to help us better understand your needs, desires, and vision for the final outcome.  Then we asses our ability to meet that vision with our service.  We understand every client and project is unique, and that is why we strive to provide quality, customized results that will ensure you and your project get the personalized attention you deserve. 3) We perform our service With sensitive ears, a wealth of technical tools in our studio, and years of experience, you can rest assured that we will utilize all the assets and resources at our disposal to achieve the best possible results on your project. 

  3. We stay in close contact with you along the way, so if any questions, concerns, or changes arise during fulfillment, you are the first to know about them.  We guarantee our work will adhere to our original project quote or estimate as long as there are no drastic changes along the way.  Once our service is completed, we will send you the completed materials for your approval.

4) You get the quality, finished product Once we’ve performed our service, we will promptly send you the finished materials and/or products along with an invoice. 

  1. If you’re satisfied with the outcome, simply pay your invoice online or by check, and that’s it! 

  2. If revisions are requested, we go back and work on the project until you are satisfied with the final outcome.  Your satisfaction is the most important part of our final transaction, so we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the results! FILM SCORING

Are you looking for an original soundtrack or musical score for your latest film?  We can help!  With experience composing original music for short films and feature length documentaries, Notesmith Music can provide a consistent soundtrack that will unite and support your picture. 

We are happy to work personally with director(s) and producer(s) to achieve the desired music, soundtrack, and sound design that will benefit the final film and resonate with your audience.

To the right you will find a few short trailers and excerpts from films we have provided original music or sound design for recently.  MUSIC FOR TELEVISION

Need a theme song for your TV show?  Perhaps you need some original music or just some audio effects? 

From comedy to drama, we can help provide you with innovative music that will capture the personalities of your characters and overall theme of your show. 

Supporting important scenes with the right type of musical underscore can be crucial to the audience’s understanding and involvement with the show.  Take a listen to the examples on the right to hear how these musical ideas support different themes and scenes.  Give us a try; we’ll even do the first short scene for free! SCORING FOR COMMERCIALS AND ADVERTISEMENTS

Are you looking for a catchy jingle for your commercial?  We can whip one up for you, and will adjust it to meet your needs.  We can even provide alternate-length versions to accompany shorter or longer ads. 

All we ask for is a finished cut of the video, some direction and insight from the director or producer regarding the “feel” or “message” that you are looking to convey, and we will do the rest! 

It is our job to translate your visual media into a musical soundscape that will support and convey that message. Scroll through our service introduction videos on the top of the homepage to see and hear examples of our work.  Notesmith Music has composed the music and scored all of those video advertisements!  Film Scoring Trailers + Clips SOUNDTRACKS / AUDIO EXAMPLES Scoring for Media:

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Music for Film, TV, AND Commercials

Notesmith Music offers original music for a variety of media types that will enhance and support your visual content.  From film to TV to commercials, we can provide a sonorous musical score that will draw listeners in and deliver a customized message in an exciting way. 


We are here to help provide you with custom-made music that will turn your visual media into a professional product.   Contact us today to submit your project, ask questions, or to find out more!