The following rate table is provided to give you an estimate for standard projects and service costs.  All services and rates are flexible, and often depend upon frequency, length of time, instrumentation, or other variables inherent in the project or work itself.  For an accurate quote or cost estimate for your project, please email us or contact us.  We are happy to discuss potential projects with no obligation or payment up front!

Rates for Services



Music Notation




Audio Engineering





Scoring for Media



Music Creation


String Recording

Violin to String Quartet


String Performing

Playing / Performance



Scoring rates are dependent upon the size of the project, instrumentation involved, turnaround time, and other compensation factors (royalties for instance).  We can provide quotes upon seeing the material and are happy to discuss and negotiate rates per project.  Please contact us!

Audio editing, mixing, and mastering rates are measured on a per-hour basis.  Editing and mixing projects include a free mastering!

Composition and arranging rates are depend upon the instrumentation, length, style, and turnaround time of the project.  We will happily provide a quote for a project upon submission.  Contact us to find out more!

Rates depend upon the number of string players involved in the recording.  All rates are based on the total amount of time required for the recording session, and include a professional studio engineer, equipment, and studio time.  (Additional fees may apply for multi-tracking (overdubs), or composing/writing the string parts for your project.)  Average song runs about $200 - $300.

String playing and performance is measured on an hourly basis, and is limited to 3 hours in length.  Rates are dependent upon the number of performers involved.  Locations must be within 75 miles of San Francisco and rates include a flat $30 travel fee.   (Marin County exceptions)

Editing & Engraving = $15 - $35 per page

*Now only $15 per page!

Per-project basis =

please call (603) 369-1688

or email for a quote

Editing = $25 per hour

Mixing = $30 per hour

Mastering = $30 per hour

Solo Violin = $40 per hour

Duet = $80 per hour

Trio or Quartet = $140 per hour

Synthesized Strings/Orchestra = $25 per hour

Solo Violin = $60 per hour

Duet = $110 per hour

Trio or Quartet = $160 per hour

+ $30 travel fee

To find out more,

or to submit your

work for quotes

or processing, please email us or contact us.

Per-project basis =

please call (603) 369-1688

or contact us for a quote

Music engraving and editing is measured on a per-page basis.  Per-project quotes can be provided upon submission of the work.  (Low density music costs approx. $15 -$20 per page, while high density music costs approx. $25 -$35 per page).  Hourly rates are available for scores over 10 pages long.




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We do not request any payment until after the service has been performed, and never consider our work finished until our customer is happy with the outcome.  We generally provide samples or small sections of the finished work prior to invoicing, to give our clients an idea of what the final product will be, and upon receipt of payment, provide the rest of the service or product to our client(s). 

* Offer valid through Dec 31, 2013 and only applies to new clients submitting pieces for editing or engraving.