Sometimes the most effective way to communicate a musical idea is by arranging it for a different type of ensemble or group of instruments.  A solo piano piece can be very effective and powerful when played by itself, but if arranged for a string quartet, it might develop a broader scope with a greater range of emotional overtones.  It might start to move and flow in new ways simply because of the way the instruments are designed.  Notesmith Music can provide you with arrangements that will bring life and color to your compositions through a diverse pallet of instruments.  String arrangements are our specialty.

If you have a piece of music that you would like arranged for a different type of instrumentation, please contact us to see if we can help you realize that desire.  Our services are affordable and versatile, and our work is not finalized until you are completely satisfied. Composing

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Composing and Arranging

With a degree in composition from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the owner and founder of Notesmith Music has the background and education to compose and arrange music for a variety of styles and settings.  From notated compositions and arrangements for solo and chamber ensembles to recordings of improvised music, Notesmith Music has what it takes to create an original groove that has the power to move an audience.



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We are here to help turn your music into a professional product.  Contact us today to submit your music, ask questions, or to find out more!