What is Notesmith Music?

Notesmith Music is an independent company that offers a colorful spectrum of music-based services.  These services provide custom results that cater to the needs and preferences of our clients. Our clients are musicians, composers, arrangers, publishers, producers and everyday people. 

Our Mission

We are a company that prides itself on performing quality custom jobs for our clients that will accentuate, enhance, and magnify their products, content, or events through our musical lens.  Working hand in hand with our clients, we strive to strengthen their content through the most suitable musical setting and identity we can provide.  We are never satisfied or finished with our work until our customers are content with the outcome.


Notesmith Music was officially founded by its owner, Graham Pellettieri, in June of 2008.  Graham had been an active music freelancer for several years, and after establishing a network of proficient musicians and discovering a demand for his talents and services, decided to offer his musical services under the title of Notesmith Music.  His continued commitment to excellence is inherent in the company’s work today.

Graham’s Background

Graham was born in New Hampshire, and began playing the violin at age 5.  Studying the Suzuki violin method, he quickly gained a strong musical ear and interest in music, and soon found himself playing as the youngest member of the New Hampshire Youth Orchestra.  Through grade school he continued to study violin privately, participated in chamber ensembles at the Concord Community Music School, and played several different types of clarinets (soprano, alto, bass and contrabass) with the school band and jazz band.  Receiving the senior music award in 1999, he graduated high school with high honors and decided to pursue a degree in music at the collegiate level.

From 1999 to 2003, Graham spent 4 years of intense study at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, receiving his bachelor’s degree in music.  His studies revolved around dual concentrations in composition/theory and instrumental studies.  During this time, Graham was the manager and a violinist for the LMU Chamber Orchestra, member of the LMU string quartet, and played with many ensembles in the music department.  He studied violin with Francis Moore, and composition with Dr. Mark Saya and Dr. Paul Humphreys.  In addition, Graham was also a member of the African Drum Ensemble, Balaniese Gamelan, and teaching assistant for the Fundamentals of Music class.  He received the Richard M. Train award in 2003 for his commitment and service to the music department.  That same year he performed a senior recital on the violin, playing works of Mozart, Bartok, and Handel, and debuted his own original compositions in the concert hall that spring.  He has continued to pursue his musical passion and interest since graduation from Loyola Marymount University.

From 2003 to 2005, Graham lived in Boulder, Colorado, and worked at a retail music store to gain experience and training with musical equipment and recording gear.  During this time, he built up the tools and understanding needed to run a home-based studio.  He became comfortable using Pro Tools LE, and played with a vibrant and intimate band called the Ripple.  He also taught a handful of violin students of all ages and styles during this time.

2005 to 2009: Graham worked as a music editor for String Letter Publishing.  String Letter publishes music magazines including Acoustic Guitar and Strings.  Graham edited music for Strings magazine and worked on other publications for the company too, including Strings Charts, a sheet music line that focuses on alternative styles of string music.  String Letter became a client of Notesmith Music in 2009. Working with String Letter Publishing affords Graham the opportunity to work with a wealth of talented, professional, Grammy award-winning musicians on a frequent basis.   Editing the music for these publications is a passionate and rewarding experience, and Graham looks forward to serving the professional musical community through these publications in the future.

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Notesmith Music is owned and run by the founder:


Name: Graham Pellettieri               

University: Loyola Marymount in

Los Angeles, CA

Education: Bachelors Degree in Music (with a dual concentration in theory/composition, and instrumental studies)


  1. Violin

  2. Clarinet

  3. Guitar

  4. Piano

  5. Drums

  6. Bass

  7. Vocals


  1. Solo Performance

  2. Group/Ensemble Performance

  3. Composition

  4. Arranging

  5. Audio Engineering

  6. Film Scoring

  7. Conducting

  8. Violin Teaching

  9. Studio Work

  10. Self Recording

  11. Music Editing for Publishers

  12. Playing with Bands

  13. Playing in Orchestras


  1. New Hampshire Youth Orchestra

  2. Concord Community Music School

  3. Loyola Marymount Chamber Orchestra

  4. Loyola Marymount String Quartet

  5. Chamber Ensembles at College of Marin

  6. Mill Valley Philharmonic


Rubber Union

Little Joe

Meta 4 ‘N’ Thought

The Ripple


  1. Violinists

  2. Violists

  3. Cellists

  4. String Quartets

  5. Bassists

  6. Guitarists

  7. Drummers

  8. Pianists

  9. Woodwinds

  10. Brass

  11. Vocalists

  12. Music Editors

  13. Engravers

  14. Composers

  15. Studio Engineers


  1. Strings magazine

  2. Teen Strings magazine

  3. Strings Charts

  4. Play Guitar magazine

  5. Pop Hits for String Quartet

  6. Swing-Jazz Violin with Hot-Club Rhythm

  7. Scott Joplin Classics for String Quartet

  8. Swing Jazz Classics for String Quartet

  9. 3 Themes for Steel-String Guitar, String Quartet, and String Orchestra

  10. more publishing credits




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