JUST FOLLOW THESE FOUR SIMPLE STEPS. 1) Submit your song(s) or projectYou can email it to us, or contact us via your preferred method.  We use Pro Tools and Logic Studio audio software programs, and welcome sessions in those formats.  We also accept Wav, AIFF, MIDI, and MP3 files.

  1. Along with your submission, please provide any applicable information, direction, or instruction you would like us to know about before working on the project.  The more information you can give us, the better! 

2) We qualify your project  We want to make sure you and your project get the attention you deserve.  That’s why we qualify every project that we receive. 

  1. The qualifying process determines if your project is a good fit for our service.  While qualifying, we may ask you for additional information to help us better understand your needs, desires, and vision for the final outcome.  Then we asses our ability to meet that vision with our service.  We understand every client and project is unique, and that is why we strive to provide quality, customized results that will ensure you and your project get the personalized attention you deserve. 3) We perform our service With sensitive ears, a wealth of technical tools in our studio, and years of experience, you can rest assured that we will utilize all the assets and resources at our disposal to achieve the best possible results on your project. 

  2. We stay in close contact with you along the way, so if any questions, concerns, or changes arise during fulfillment, you are the first to know about them.  We guarantee our work will adhere to our original project quote or estimate as long as there are no drastic changes along the way.  Once our service is completed, we will send you the completed materials for your approval.

  3. 4)You get the quality,

finished product Once we’ve performed our service, we will promptly send you the finished materials and/or products in your preferred format, along with an invoice. 

  1. If you’re satisfied with the outcome, simply pay your invoice online or by check, and that’s it! 

  2. If revisions are requested, we go back and work on the project until you are satisfied with the final outcome.  Your satisfaction is the most important part of our final transaction, so we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with the results! AUDIO EDITING AND PROCESSING

Have you reached a point in your latest song, album, or recording where you need assistance with editing or processing effects?  If so, Notesmith Music can work with you to create your desired results.  From splicing multiple audio takes together into one seamless track, to adding an authentic reverb to a vocal track, to finding a dazzling flanger for that guitar solo, we can help you achieve your preferred sound.  With the incredible editing power of Pro Tools combined with Logic Studio, an endless supply of effects and plug-ins are available. MIXING

So you’ve done your recording, and are at the stage when you need to mix down your tracks.  Let us help you find the right balance! 

With an objective ear, wealth of experience, and powerful tools, we can create a mix that will give your music the support and balance that it needs.  Panning, balancing volumes, adding compression, dynamics, and cleaning up beginnings and endings are just some examples of the elements that will be considered in your mix-down session.MASTERING

So you are satisfied with your recording, have mixed everything, added your effects and are ready to burn your CDs or export to the web... not quite.

Mastering your finalized audio is an important step in the post-production stage that will give you the clarity, presence, and proper levels that all quality recordings need.  We can run your audio through master EQ’s, audio exciters, eliminate background noise, raise the ceiling of your sound, and add a 24-bit dither to smooth things out.  Your mastered audio will be ready for the air-waves, world wide web, and CD burning!  Listen to the “Run to the Sun” example above to hear the difference a mastering job can make.Audio Engineering:

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From Editing to Mixing to Mastering

Notesmith Music can provide audio engineering services at any stage of the game in your music-creation and production process.  Whether you are in the beginning stages of recording and need help with edits, audio processing, effects, or other adjustments, or if you are finished with your final mix and are just looking to have it mastered, rest assured that Notesmith Music has the resources, experience, and equipment to get the job done. 



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We are here to help turn your music into a professional product.  Contact us today to submit your music, ask questions, or to find out more!